Your right to vote

The right to vote is central to our democracy. Giving every citizen a say ensures that the government reflects the needs of the people rather than just the wealthy few.

This is important: will you pledge today to vote in the November 3rd, 2020 election?


The Outlaw Dirty Money campaign is working every day to protect the voting rights of Arizonans. If big businesses and mega-donors can spend unlimited amounts of Dirty Money to influence elections, then the power of the people is diminished and the system doesn’t work.

We’ve seen an outpouring of support from people across the state and I’m confident that, with your help, ODM will collect enough signatures to get our amendment banning Dirty Money on the ballot in 2020.

However, that won’t be the end of it. Each of us needs to show up on Election Day and make sure our amendment passes.

Will you pledge to vote on November 3rd, 2020?


Your right to vote is sacred. It gives you the power to make real change in your community. There’s so much at stake in 2020 — in Arizona and across the country. I hope you’ll head to the polls and make your voice heard.

Thank you,
Jon Sutton
Campaign Manager
Outlaw Dirty Money

P.S. Once you sign the pledge, share it with your friends and family on Facebook so we can get more voters to commit to vote in 2020.

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Pausing Campaign

Statement from Co-Chairs of the Outlaw Dirty Money Initiative Drive

With heavy hearts but a strong commitment to Arizona’s public health, we announce today that the Outlaw Dirty Money Constitutional Amendment campaign otherwise known as the “Citizens Right to Know Initiative” has paused all person to person efforts to gather petition signatures.

This suspension will last until our public health experts and our elected leaders deem it prudent for our volunteers and paid gatherers to resume public contact.  At that time, we will decide if enough time is left to gather enough signatures to put the issue of transparency in Arizona campaign finance before the voters in November.  

During this pause, Outlaw Dirty Money will keep working with our army of volunteers, ready to act when the health crisis abates.  In the meantime, they will do all possible to gather signatures without person to person contact. If you would like to help that effort, please contact us at or call 602-633-5146.  If you support the suggested legislation changes, we encourage you to contact your legislator at

Co-chairs of Voters’ Right to Know initiative, 

  • Terry Goddard
  • Grant Woods
  • Paul Johnson
  • Helene and Jim Babbitt
  • Robert Bertrand
  • Nan and Dick Walden
  • Tom Horne