This is a petition to amend the Arizona Constitution by guaranteeing citizens have the Right to Know‚Äč who is spending political dirty money, to help or hurt whom.

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The Problem: Dirty Money Polluting Our Elections
Powerful, wealthy people and corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money influencing our elections, all while hiding who they are.
The result is citizens are bombarded with negative attack ads, fake phone calls, misleading mail pieces, and more.
Our Solution: Clean Up The Dirty Money Mess
An Amendment to the Arizona Constitution saying citizens have the Right to Know: Who is spending the dirty money. How much dirty money they're spending. Who they are trying to help or hurt.
The result is by passing this Amendment, we will: Increase transparency in our government and make it more responsive to citizens, NOT the powerful and the wealthy. Your Right to Know will be protected.

What we need to do

  1. Collect about 300,000 signatures from registered Arizona voters by June 15, 2018
  2. Mail or turn in completed and notarized petitions to:
    747 W Roosevelt St
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
  3. Vote YES in November 2018 for the Stop Political Dirty Money Amendment

How you can help:

  1. Collect signatures from neighbors, family, and friends
  2. Make a donation to help our volunteer-driven campaign
  3. Volunteer to make calls, enter data, verify signatures, etc.