What  We  Know  So  Far

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These are the political ads reported by ODM Posse Members during the 2018 election season.  We will be compiling additional data after the last reporting date for political committees (January 15, 2019) to provide a broader picture of who was involved and how much they spent.

PROP 125  Public Retirement Systems – no ads reported yet

PROP 126   Updated 10/25

PROP 127 Renewable Energy  Updated 10/27

PROP 305 School Vouchers/ESAs  Updated 10/20

PROP 306  Citizens Clean Elections Act – no ads reported yet

GOVERNOR – DUCEY   Updated 10/26

GOVERNOR – GARCIA   Updated 10/26

Secretary of State  Katie Hobbs

Treasurer – no ads reported yet

Attorney General – Brnovich Updated 10/27

Corporation Commission  Sears and Kennedy  Updated 11/2/18

Superintendent of Public Instruction – no ads reported yet

State Mine Inspector – no ads reported yet

LD 3 House  Alma Hernandez

LD6 Senate  Wade Carlisle    Updated 10/30

LD6 Senate   Sylvia Allen  Updated 10/30

LD 6 House  Felicia French  Updated 10/30

LD 6 House   Bobby Tyler  Updated 10/30

Pima County PROP 463   Updated 10/22

Flagstaff  PROP 418   Updated 11/1

Tucson PROP 407  Updated 10/22

In addition to these Arizona races, which are overseen by the Arizona Secretary of State, several people have submitted distasteful ads for candidates for the US Senate and House.  These races are overseen by the Federal Elections Commission.  On September 21, 2018, the Supreme Court refused to stay a decision by a lower federal court that ruled ALL contributors to ALL federal election efforts must be reported.  So technically, there will be NO dirty money in Federal races this fall.  Nevertheless, we have researched some of these egregious ads so you can know who is trying to influence your vote.

US Senate – Sinema Updated 11/2

US Senate – McSally  Updated 10/24

CD 1 O’Halleran Updated 10/27

CD 1 Rogers  Updated 10/27

CD2 – Kirkpatrick  Updated 10/22

CD2 – Lea Marquez Peterson   Updated 10/22