Instructions for Posse Members

Reporting an ad to ODM

We are interested in any ad format — mailers to your house, stuff left at your door, tv and radio, social media (email, facebook, YouTube, twitter etc.), or signage at a home or signage at an intersection, or anything else you may encounter.  There are 3 easy steps to reporting an ad:

1.  Examine the ad 

  • Do not report if it is for a federal level candidate: (US House or Senate).  As of September 21, 2018, all sources of federal election financing must be reported to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).
  • If it is for a statewide candidate,  a candidate for the Arizona legislature, or a ballot initiative, look or listen for the paid for by language.
    • Do not report if it is paid for by a candidate committee: (e.g. Ducey for Governor, or Kristen Engle for State House) it is NOT dirty money. Candidates must report all contributors and we can look them up on the Secretary of State website.
    • Report If it is a political party committee: (e.g. Apache County Democratic Committee, LD-22 Republicans), it may be dirty money because parties are permitted to accept dirty money as contributions.  
    • Report If it is paid for by some other kind of committee (e.g. “Arizona Human Rights Watch” or “Citizens for a Sane Arizona Campaign Committee” or “American Federation for Children,”).  It may or may not be a dirty money ad. ODM will research it to determine if it was paid for by a dirty money organization. If yes, we will determine if that organization supports or opposes disclosure.

2.  Note the following information:

  • Paid for by…..exactly as it appears or is heard.
  • What it was for or against (e.g. FOR an Arizona House candidate, AGAINST Prop 127)
  • What was the format?  Mailer? Sign? Social media? TV or radio?  Something else?  Describe!
  • If you can, take a photo of the ad.  Otherwise, provide a catch phrase or title that will help people identify it.
  • If it is for or against an AZ House or Senate candidate, what Legislative District is involved?

3. Email this information to: