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Before We Leave

We are about to wrap up Outlaw Dirty Money’s 2019 efforts and are currently running all the numbers on our signature gathering and our fundraising. We will

Outlaw Dirty Money

Pat Barrett

My name is Pat Barrett and I am the new Outlaw Dirty Money Campaign Manager. I wanted to take some time and introduce myself: Arizona is my

Outlaw Dirty Money

Our New Video

This holiday season we need you to pass the petition. Our non-partisan transparency movement is EXACTLY the political conversion you can have that won’t divide

Outlaw Dirty Money

The Decade is Almost Over

I have some good news and bad news from ODM Campaign HQ. But let’s get the “bad news” out of the way first. Our mid-month

Outlaw Dirty Money

Something New to Share

Thank you for a great November.  Thank you for supporting Outlaw Dirty Money. Thank you for answering our surveys, spreading the word, and responding to

Outlaw Dirty Money

Your right to vote

The right to vote is central to our democracy. Giving every citizen a say ensures that the government reflects the needs of the people rather

Outlaw Dirty Money

A Message from Outlaw Dirty Money

Hi Concerned Citizen! In just a moment I’m going to ask you to donate to Outlaw Dirty Money’s November fundraising drive but first I’d like to ask you

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Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight – Kelly G

Folks, Huge News! We were just looking at our Volunteer Leaderboard and our top volunteer, Kelly G., is 30 signatures away from hitting 2,000! We