Dear Outlaw Dirty Money Posse members,

We asked you to “be on the lookout for” political ads so we could research who was behind them.  You responded by reporting about 100 different ads, from 38 different political organizations, which we researched and posted under the SAYS WHO??? tab on our homepage. A hearty THANK YOU to the ODM Posse for keeping a critical eye on election financing! 

We will be preparing a report on political spending in the Arizona elections that takes into account the ads you reported as well as information from other sources to document political spending this fall.   The final reporting date for Arizona election spending is January 15, 2019, so you can expect to see that some time after the new year.

Other plans to help voters evaluate political ads are underway and the Posse will be needed again.  Stay tuned!  But for now, take a well-deserved rest from politics for a little while and we hope to see you energized and ready to go after the first of the year!