Posse:  a body of persons summoned by a sheriff to assist in preserving the public peace, usually in an emergency. 

Welcome to the ODM Posse!

We are summoning you to help preserve the integrity of our election process.

We need to do this now!

To Join the Posse: Send an email to info@outlawdirtymoney.com. Include your name, the email address you want us to use, and your Arizona legislative district number.  If you do not know your district, please send the street address where you are registered to vote.  

ODM will evaluate the sources of political ads for state and local candidates, and ballot initiatives, to determine if they are paid for with dirty money.  But we need the Posse to work at the local level to identify ads and spread the word locally.  Here are your two tasks:

To see the ads that have been reported, check out Says Who?