Strict Compliance Guidelines

We need your help outlaw dirty political spending in Arizona. In order to qualify for the November 2018 ballot, we must gather over 300,000 valid voter signatures by June 15, 2018. Due to strict compliance, there are some very specific rules regarding signature gathering that we must follow to ensure each signature is counted correctly.

What does it take to be qualified to circulate?

  • Any person who is qualified to register to vote in Arizona CAN circulate petitions​. You do not actually have to be registered, just qualified to do so. You must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years of age on the date you sign the Circulator Affidavit, not convicted of treason or a felony, and not adjudicated to be incapacitated. (A.R.S. §§19-​-114, 16-​-101, 19-​-121.02(A)(6))
  • People who don’t live in Arizona but who would be qualified to register if they did live here CAN circulate  petitions, but they ​must​ register with the Arizona Secretary of State ​before circulating petitions​.​(​A.R.S. §19-​-114)
  • No county recorders or justices of the peace can circulate. ​(A.R.S. § 19-​-114)

How to make sure your signatures count

  • Check the box marked “Volunteer” at the top of the petition ​before​ gathering any signatures.
    • If you are ​being paid to gather signatures, check the “Paid” box. (A.R.S. § 19-​-102)
      ● You must​ be registered with the SOS if you are a paid circulator
  • The signature page MUST be stapled​ to a complete copy of the full text of the amendment language at all times. (​A.R.S. § 19-​-112)
  • DO NOT leave the petition unattended ​and let people sign it – everyone must sign in front of you.​ ​(​A.R.S. §19-​-112)
  • Printed information MUST be legible.​ Signature can be illegible, but must match voter file. (A.R.S. §19-​-121.01(A)(3)(a))
  • People signing must complete all the fields (signature, name, address, date) themselves. No one else can write for them. ​There is an exception for someone who is physically incapable of signing and who instructs another, in their presence, to sign on their behalf. (A.R.S. § 19-​-115)
    ◆ As the circulator, you cannot be the person who helps
  • Address listed must be a ​residential address​ or a description of the residential location. No PO Boxes.(A.R.S. §19-​-121.01(A)(3)(b)
  • Only people who reside in the ​same county​ should sign the same signature sheet. ​If you are getting signatures from a group of people from different counties, use one sheet for each county. (A.R.S. § 19-​-121.01)
  • You cannot threaten or intimidate anyone to get them to sign. You cannot offer anyone anything of value in exchange for signing. (​A.R.S. §§ 19-​-114.01, 19-​-116)
  • Fill out the petition back completely and get your signature sheet notarized ​after​ you are done gathering signatures. ​Signatures dated after the affidavit of notarization won’t be counted. Signatures with incomplete circulator affidavits will not be counted. (A.R.S. § 19-​-121.01)
Download PDF of instructions here
Download petition sign-out sheet here