Pat Barrett

My name is Pat Barrett and I am the new Outlaw Dirty Money Campaign Manager.

I wanted to take some time and introduce myself:

Arizona is my home. I grew up in Phoenix, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State, and recently completed an Executive MBA program at the University of Arizona.

Nearly a decade ago, I started working on campaigns as a volunteer and have grown to manage operations at all levels. I look forward to building on the momentum at Outlaw Dirty Money.

I know how to win in Arizona. I’ve done it before and I will do it again fighting for transparency beside you, Michael.

Since starting, I have noticed the time, dedication, and support shown by Outlaw Dirty Money’s loyal grassroots champions.

So, for the very first time, I would like to ask you, Michael, to donate $5 towards Outlaw Dirty Money!


Talk to you soon,
Pat Barrett
Campaign Manager
Outlaw Dirty Money

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Pausing Campaign

Statement from Co-Chairs of the Outlaw Dirty Money Initiative Drive

With heavy hearts but a strong commitment to Arizona’s public health, we announce today that the Outlaw Dirty Money Constitutional Amendment campaign otherwise known as the “Citizens Right to Know Initiative” has paused all person to person efforts to gather petition signatures.

This suspension will last until our public health experts and our elected leaders deem it prudent for our volunteers and paid gatherers to resume public contact.  At that time, we will decide if enough time is left to gather enough signatures to put the issue of transparency in Arizona campaign finance before the voters in November.  

During this pause, Outlaw Dirty Money will keep working with our army of volunteers, ready to act when the health crisis abates.  In the meantime, they will do all possible to gather signatures without person to person contact. If you would like to help that effort, please contact us at or call 602-633-5146.  If you support the suggested legislation changes, we encourage you to contact your legislator at

Co-chairs of Voters’ Right to Know initiative, 

  • Terry Goddard
  • Grant Woods
  • Paul Johnson
  • Helene and Jim Babbitt
  • Robert Bertrand
  • Nan and Dick Walden
  • Tom Horne