Outlaw Dirty Money on Pace for November 2020 Ballot

Initiative has already collected 200,000 signatures

Momentum continues to build for the “Outlaw Dirty Money” (ODM) initiative as the campaign announced that it had passed the 200,000 signature mark in its quest to crack down on dark money –  one of the most the most corruptive influences in politics today.  With more than four and a half months left until the July 3rd signature deadline, the initiative is well on pace to qualify for the November 2020 ballot.

“Starting in the last quarter of 2019, the campaign really kicked into high gear and we entered 2020 with a full head of steam.  The number of petitions coming in the door are staggering and enthusiasm is at an all-time high,” said Former Attorney General Terry Goddard, Chairman of the Outlaw Dirty Money Campaign, “With 145 days remaining, there is a real sense that something big is happening here and we are destined to make the ballot.”

According to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office, a total of 356,467 valid signatures must be collected in order for a constitutional amendment to qualify for the ballot.  Outlaw Dirty Money has collected more than 200,000 total signatures to date. The volunteer effort has continued to grow each month and the committee is aiming for 500,000 total signatures gathered from both volunteer and paid sources. 

“Our volunteers and donors are amazing – going above and beyond to collect signatures and raise money.  They are not only working hard, but they know what they are doing.  They are collecting reliable, validated signatures from voters who believe that they have a right to know who is funding political ads,” said Patrick Barrett, Campaign Manager.

Time and again, the voters of Arizona have shown their support for increased campaign finance disclosure.  City of Tempe overwhelmingly passed their dark money ordinance with an 91% of vote and City of Phoenix voters chose to crack down on undisclosed spending with 85% of the vote.  Several statewide polls have consistently shown that a dark money ballot issue would pass in the high 70 percent range.

Goddard concluded, “We know that the dark money forces will stop at nothing to try to keep us off the ballot.  We are confident that we will have more than enough signatures to prevent any underhanded petition challenges.  And we know that if we can qualify for the ballot – we will win!”

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Pausing Campaign

Statement from Co-Chairs of the Outlaw Dirty Money Initiative Drive

With heavy hearts but a strong commitment to Arizona’s public health, we announce today that the Outlaw Dirty Money Constitutional Amendment campaign otherwise known as the “Citizens Right to Know Initiative” has paused all person to person efforts to gather petition signatures.

This suspension will last until our public health experts and our elected leaders deem it prudent for our volunteers and paid gatherers to resume public contact.  At that time, we will decide if enough time is left to gather enough signatures to put the issue of transparency in Arizona campaign finance before the voters in November.  

During this pause, Outlaw Dirty Money will keep working with our army of volunteers, ready to act when the health crisis abates.  In the meantime, they will do all possible to gather signatures without person to person contact. If you would like to help that effort, please contact us at info@outlawdirtymoney.com or call 602-633-5146.  If you support the suggested legislation changes, we encourage you to contact your legislator at https://www.azleg.gov/memberroster/

Co-chairs of Voters’ Right to Know initiative, 

  • Terry Goddard
  • Grant Woods
  • Paul Johnson
  • Helene and Jim Babbitt
  • Robert Bertrand
  • Nan and Dick Walden
  • Tom Horne