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My name is Debbie. I was very involved in the first go-around of ODM. To say the least, I was extremely disappointed and felt cheated with the outcome.

That’s why I am reaching out. Can you please send in a $3 contribution to ODM today? I want to WIN in 2020!

Donate $3 immediately >>

I have spent so much time volunteering at marches, meetings, libraries, and neighborhoods getting signatures. I traveled up north in the summer to go to concerts, the library, and farmers’ markets. It has become a huge passion of mine.

Through my ODM involvement, I have met so many truly wonderful, passionate, energized people committed to making positive changes in our government. I consider many to be my friends and family for life and this group effort keeps me motivated in getting this initiative on the ballot in 2020.

You are also a huge part of this team. Together, we are going to finally bring transparency to the Arizona government! It would mean the world to me if you would donate just $3 today.

Donate $3 immediately >>

Through ODM, I have found that I really love learning what is going on in our government and civic engagement. We can and we will get this done for 2020; we’ve got this!

Thank you,
Debbie M.
Outlaw Dirty Money

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