What is “dirty money?”

Dirty Money refers to cash being spent by the powerful & wealthy to influence our elections but never disclosing who they really are. By laundering money through social welfare nonprofits - which don’t have to disclose their donors – corporations and individuals can spend unlimited amounts of money anonymously. The cash could be from anyone and anywhere.

But citizens have a “right to know” who is behind the Dirty Money. That right should be in the Arizona Constitution.

Is this the same as “dark money”

Yes - in the past you may have heard of anonymous campaign expenditures referred to as ‘dark money.’ We’ve found that the term ‘dark money’ doesn’t really explain just how bad the problem is in Arizona. “Dirty Money” better conveys how widespread and dangerous the issue is.

How is dirty money being used?

Since more and more Dirty Money has poured into Arizona political campaigns have become nasty. Dirty Money is used to buy attack ads, misleading direct mail and those phone calls that try to fool us.


How bad is it in Arizona?

Very bad. In Arizona it has meant corruption written into state law. In 2016, at the insistence of “Dirty Money” forces, Governor Ducey signed SB 1516 into law. It rewrote and deregulated our entire campaign finance system; made it easier to cheat candidate campaign finance limits; critically, it eliminated the state’s ability to investigate and enforce our campaign finance laws.