General Tips

  • Check the weather and dress accordingly
  • Be good to yourself - protect your skin (hats/sunscreen) & hydrate your body!
  • Bring a bag large enough for your supplies, but comfortable enough to carry
  • Put in that bag:
    • Petitions
    • 1-2 clipboards (Legal sized)
    • Extra pens - Ballpoint Black or Blue only
    • A few copies of FAQ/Talking Points
  • Be sure the top right of petition is completed BEFORE​ ​gathering signatures
    • ‘Volunteer’ box is checked & ‘County’ is written in
  • Walk signees through how to fill out petition, but they must​ fill it out for themselves, legibly
    • ‘Address’ field is for residential addresses only - No PO Boxes
    • Use blue or black ink

Elevator Pitch

"Hi - do you want to Outlaw Dirty Money in Arizona politics? Right now, wealthy and powerful people are pouring unlimited amounts of cash into our elections while hiding who they are. I’m gathering signatures to put a new Arizona Constitutional Amendment on the ballot in the November General Election. That Amendments says that Arizona citizens have a Right to Know​ who is spending money to influence our votes. Would you like to sign the petition?"
  • Be sure they are a registered Arizona voter and are signing a petition that matches the county they are registered in.

Talking Points

  • The wealthy and powerful are spending unlimited amounts of cash to influence our elections, BUT HIDING WHO THEY ARE.
  • Citizens have a right to know​ who is trying to influence our votes with dirty money
  • Remind wary voters that their signature is not an endorsement, but a necessary and important tool in a functioning democracy. “We are collecting signatures to qualify to be on the ballot in November - that’s when you can decide whether or not you support the Amendment”
  • Encourage anyone who wishes to read the text of the initiative to do so. They can find the text attached to the petition or online at “”
  • Avoid​ arguments and de-escalate​ confrontations
    • Be friendly and polite. The phrase “thank you for your time” is your friend
    • Outlaw Dirty Money is a non-partisan effort, not part of any candidate campaign.

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