A Message from Outlaw Dirty Money

Hi Concerned Citizen!

In just a moment I’m going to ask you to donate to Outlaw Dirty Money’s November fundraising drive but first I’d like to ask you to give me 2 minutes to explain why.

Outlaw Dirty Money is up against some of the biggest special interest groups in American politics including groups like Americans for Prosperity and the Free Enterprise Club.

Their secret donors have an agenda that is hidden from the public and hurts real people.

They’ve run Arizona politics for years and they are desperate to keep their stranglehold on our state.

In October, Outlaw Dirty Money had it’s best month yet. The number of concerned citizens who want to protect our democracy by ensuring transparency in Arizona campaigns is GROWING by the day because of our team’s hard work.

And to that, I say THANK YOU.

Our volunteers are able to get the clipboards, the pens, the pizza, the t-shirts, all because of the financial help we get through donations on e-mails like these. The $5, $10, $25 you send every month goes directly into our fieldwork.

We are funding this campaign through grassroots donations because groups like Americans for Prosperity and the Free Enterprise Club and their secret donors have run our state for far too long.

So my two minutes are up. And I need your help once again. Are you able to donate to our November fundraising drive today?


Every donation, no matter the amount, gets us closer to where we need to be and helps us fight back against Dirty Money.

October was our best month. Help us make November even better.

Thank you,

Mandi Karp
Finance Director
Outlaw Dirty Money

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