AZ House Candidate Mitzi Epstein (LD 18) Really Gets It!

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A recent email to voters in her district:

Dear Terry:

You, the voter, should know who funds campaigns and elections. You should know — or be able to find out easily — who paid for an ad or a mailer. And why.

I Signed the Pledge

There are powerful and wealthy people trying to control our elections. They spend huge amounts of “dirty” money to defeat some candidates and elect others. Right now those people are taking advantage of donation and election laws to hide from view so we don’t know exactly who they are or what their agenda is all about. We do know that they are growing stronger with every election, getting their candidates into office at every level, from school boards to the legislature.

This why I signed the Outlaw Dirty Money pledge to work for changes in election laws to promote disclosure. Voters — YOU! — should have a right to know, “Who says so?!”

And by the way, YOU fund my campaign. That means I work for YOU!

Fiscal Responsibility

Anyone who has run a household knows that budgeting is challenging! Like running a home, running a state is a constant balance between needs, wants, and available resources. Ultimately, our state budget is a reflection of our values. As your legislator, I believe in diligent financial analysis of all impacts to the state budget so that we can fund our values: education, safety, and economic growth.

Mitzi Gets Results!

Volunteer for Mitzi

Democracy is not a spectator sport: our democracy — and our community — is stronger when we all pitch in. I want your vote of course, but I’d also love some of your time! Volunteering for my campaign is terrific opportunity to strengthen and amplify your vote, meet other active and involved district residents, and really make a difference in the coming election. Get in touch for information about ways to make your voice heard by volunteering for Mitzi. We have many opportunities in these final days of the campaign!

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions for me, you can reply to this email.

Thank you for your support!


— Rep. Denise “Mitzi” Epstein

PS Even at this late date in the campaign, donations are welcome, appreciated, and useful for our last-minute get out the vote push!

Mitzi is endorsed by these groups and others.  Click here to see photos of awards, endorsements, and accolades. 

Emily’s List Friends of ASBA Arizona List
Arizona’s Professional Firefighter’s PAC American Federation of Teachers Sierra Club
Arizona State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police Humane Voters of Arizona Fight for Reform
The AEA Fund for Public Education Arizona Pipe Trades 469 PAC Stonewall Democrats
Arizona Nurses Association Political Action Committee AZBTC Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council Moms Demand Action

Paid for by Mitzi Epstein for AZ.  Authorized by Mitzi Epstein.

Mitzi Epstein for AZ · Tempe, AZ 85284, United States
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