Talking Point: Consider the Source!

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We have a right to know the source of political advertising!  My grandmother always told me not to believe everything I hear – to consider the source before forming an opinion. Knowing who is paying for ads meant to influence my vote is no exception!  My grandmother’s wisdom is reflected in many state and federal laws that require donors to political campaigns to identify themselves. If your or I give $50 to a candidate or PAC, we have to fill out a form saying who we, who we work for, and how to contact us.  This is true for all donors EXCEPT those that contribute through organizations that have been exempt from reporting – “dirty money” funds that funnel millions of dollars in anonymous spending to influence Arizona elections.  Our current governor and legislature feel that these, and only these donors should not have to reveal who they are.  Their argument is that by revealing their names, they will be open to harassment from people who disagree with their opinions.  Why should their privacy matter more than mine or yours? My grandmother was absolutely right.  If I can’t consider the source I can not make an informed choice.  

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