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 It’s about time for Arizona to bring campaign “dark money” out of the shadows. As an Arizona voter, I have long worried about making the correct choices when I fill out my ballot. If there are thousands of dollars from undisclosed special interests behind the candidate I’m considering, I feel I deserve to know that this may or may not affect that person’s voting record in the future.

Fortunately, voters could have the opportunity this year to weigh in on this crucial issue if enough signatures can be secured to place the proposed amendment on the ballot. Volunteers are working hard to make petitions available to the public, and I urge everyone to sign. Times and locations are:

–Salt + Peak Boutique, 17 N. Leroux, #101: (11-4) Each Saturday through June

–Buffalo Park, 2400 N. Gemini Road: (9-11 & 5-7) Each Saturday through June

–Macy’s Coffeehouse, 14 S. Beaver: (8-1) Each Sunday through June

–Flagstaff Community Farmers Market, City Hall lot: (8-12) Each Sunday through June

–Flagstaff Main Library, 300 W. Aspen: Most weekday afternoons

When you see a TV or Facebook ad, or get something in the mail in support of or opposition to a particular candidate or ballot issue, wouldn’t you like to know who was actually paying for it? Now’s your chance to help secure that right for yourself and every voter in Arizona. Learn more about the proposed amendment at, and then please come out and add your name to a petition!

Originally published in the Arizona Daily Sun, June 22, 2018

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