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Outlaw Dirty Money

Constitutional Amendment Q&A

Q: Why are you calling it "Dirty Money" instead of "Dark Money?"

A: Because of the way "dirty money" backers are trashing our elections.

Q: How bad is it?

A: Very bad. Here's an example. During the 2014 elections, more than $15 million in anonymous campaign contributions were spent in Arizona to ensure that specific candidates were elected, and others defeated. Millions of dollars in undisclosed political contributions spent on races for the Arizona Corporation Commission and other statewide and legislative offices. Here's the worst part: Virtually all of their preferred candidates win.

Q: Are there other examples?

A: Unfortunately, yes. One out-of-state group has been spending millions trying to convert Arizona's schools into private, for-profit operations. They have helped elect candidates to the legislature who are now trying to destroy our public-school system.

Q: Who are they?

A: That's the question . Just who are these people from other states with enough money to sway elections and opinions any way they want? We know this much, they are cowards who hide behind a maze of companies, non-profits, and committees with innocent sounding names, so you never know who they are. If they really cared about Arizona, our schools, our environment and economy they would put their mouths where their money is. They should stand up to be counted, instead of launching attacks from their hiding places.

Q: How can we get the Outlaw Dirty Money Constitutional Amendment enacted?

A: It won't be easy, but it is important. We need over a quarter-million Arizona voters to sign a petition to put the Amendment on the ballot in 2018. We know more than 80% of Arizonans support what this Amendment will do: Clean up Arizona's elections. So, we're hopeful, but we know its going to be hard work. And the dirty money will attack us at every turn.

Q: How can I get involved to put the Amendment to a vote?

A: Just contact the Outlaw Dirty Money campaign. You can go to our Facebook site, send an email to, or sign up on our Take Action page.

Announcing the ODM Posse!

Volunteers across Arizona are submitting campaign ads that they suspect are funded with dirty money!

We are researching the ads and posting our findings.

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What  Happened  to  the  Petition  Effort?

Message from Terry Goddard, 8/30/18

It pains me deeply to report that the supreme court just ordered that the Outlaw Dirty Money initiative not appear on the ballot.

For over a century, since the first days of statehood, Arizona legal tradition has protected the citizens’ constitutional right of initiative and viewed with suspicion and strictly limited any rule or law which infringed on that right.  Sadly, with the simultaneous decision to throw Invest in Ed off the ballot, this court abandoned that tradition today.

The court affirmed a statute which calls for disqualifying signatures gathered by paid petition circulators who were subpoenaed as witnesses but did not appear.  The court saw nothing wrong with striking thousands of valid signatures as a “penalty” to the no-shows, regardless of the constitutional rights of the petition signers.  That, plus affirming the cynical way the subpoenas were served (left with a security guard on the ground floor of the building that the company employing the circulators had occupied two months before) with no expectation that the ‘witnesses’ would ever know they were expected in court, is a bitter pill.

Reviewing hundreds of our petitions the last few weeks and recalling the incredible effort that so many volunteers put into collecting over 285,000 signatures to put Outlaw Dirty Money on the ballot, has been inspiring.  I hope you are proud of what we accomplished.

But, I know you share my disappointment that the voters of Arizona won’t get the chance they deserved to decide whether they want Dirty Money to continue to make a mockery of our democracy.

It is little comfort, I know, but the frantic, incredibly expensive effort by the Dirty Money forces in the weeks since our 285,000 signatures were filed to keep us off the ballot, was conclusive testimony of one thing: The Dirty Money forces had no doubt that if Arizona voters got the chance to vote on throwing Dirty Money out of our state, they would do it.

We came so very close.  Thank you for your months of effort, your many contributions and your faith in our cause, Terry